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About Friendly Households

by pkline — last modified Oct 05, 2013 03:52 PM

The Friendly Households Program is a resource for everyone who seeks to bridge the gap between good intentions and faithful follow-through. It is a network initiated by the Eco-Justice Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. It invites us all to make the commitment to take practical steps to live more lightly on the earth and to embrace opportunities for positive societal change.

It is so easy to feel confused or discouraged when trying to make sense of what is and isn't worth the effort to change. Mindful that some of our actions have a larger impact on our health and that of the planet, the program focuses on six action categories:

  • Food: Eating well for people and the planet
  • Water: Protecting this life-giving resource
  • Energy and Transportation: How do we power our lives and our travel?
  • Money and Stuff: What do we value, invest in, exchange, and own?
  • Community and Civil Society: How do we participate in decisions and actions affecting our shared lives and future?
  • The Web of Life: How do we respect biodiversity and our fundamental relationship to nature?

By developing a simple set of steps for important areas of our lives that have the greatest impact, we have found a way to make the process of living sustainable lives more realistic, manageable and satisfying.

Learn more here:

Our approach

Using the Friendly Household Program as a resource, you are invited to explore these action categories at your own pace. You can work individually or you can join with others. We encourage you to take this journey with others when possible - to provide support, feedback and to make it more fun!

Westtown Monthly Meeting's Friendly Household group (in collaboration with others) has collected tools and resources for the Friendly Households' network  to explore each action category. We start with queries to explore your vision.  This allows us each to create a vision for what we celebrate and lift-up in our homes.Then we invite you to take stock - where are you in relation to your vision? Setting realistic objectives follows. Our resources - articles, exercises, films, and hands-on activity suggestions - will prepare you for the changes you wish to make, encourage you to develop sustainable alternatives, and minimize any harm your actions may have.

As we are supported in increasing our mindfulness and integrity, we will see the following outcomes:

  • Lowered carbon and ecological footprints for households
  • Improved health and well being
  • Increased simplicity and decreased distraction
  • Stronger community in our places of worship and solidarity with other communities
  • Increased reverence and connection to place


Westtown Monthly Meeting is hosting Friendly Household activities for interested members of Concord Quarter and the wider community in 2013 - 2014.

March to June 2013 Food: Eating well for people and the planet

Spring 2013 related film series: Meaningful Matinees

September - January 2013 Energy and Transportation
Related Film Series Fall 2013 : Meaningful Matinees
February - June 2014 Water: Protecting this life giving resources
September - December 2014 Money and Stuff: What do we value, invest in, exchange, and own?

If you wish to join an existing Friendly Household group near you, or would like to start one, write: mmansfield14


Friendly Households Program of PYM’s Eco-Justice Working Group

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