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Meeting For Business - October Agenda

by Margaret Haviland last modified Oct 20, 2018 10:12 PM

Westtown Monthly Meeting For Worship for Business

Twenty-second Day of Tenth Month, 2018

Opening Worship

News of Friends

Check ins/updates:

  • Last Sunday’s Spiritual Journey and Pot Luck

Reading and Approval of September’s Minutes:

Deb Wood’s Travel Letter for informational purposes only. The letter was sent to her - clerk

Reading and Approval of Joys and Challenges Letter for Quarterly Meeting -  Clerk

Need for a new nominating committee - Clerk

  • Discussion: should we form a nominating committee to check in on committee membership lists, help fill empty positions including a representative to religious council and a replacement for longstanding members on the FDS planning committee, not a committee that needs to meet monthly, at the moment PC&C is carrying this work along with its many other responsibilities. Should we Invite attenders to join in this work?
  • Hoped for Outcome: Sense of the Meeting for a nominating committee and volunteers to serve on it.

Ordering Faith and Practice - Clerk

  • Discussion: Should we order for the library and members? There is a discount for orders over $100 (that would be 11 copies) QuakerBooks now has the new Faith and Practice in stock with a 10% discount for orders over $100.  The book is $12 otherwise. Here is the link
  • Hoped for Outcome: Approval for the Clerks to Order copies on behalf of the MM and members who would like one, with an intention of being able to order 11 or more.


Planning for Plant Sale-  Plant Sale point person
  • Discussion and Information: Do we want to keep planning with a retirement community in the area (Hickman?)  (e.g. to deliver plants to people living somewhere… last year was done in conjunction with Service Network, which worked well).  Otherwise prices will be about the same, Marc Dear working on moving these pieces forward
  • Hoped for Outcome: Approval for plans for this year’s plant sale. Volunteers to help with this work.

 Committee Reports:

Pastoral Care and Concerns-- committee clerk

  • Discussion and Information: marriage Clearness Committee, Hymn Sing, Membership Lists

 Peace and Social Justice -- committee clerks

  • Discussion and Information: Petition to “cause Pennsylvania to adopt a greenhouse gas auction-cap-and-trade program that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the beginning of the fifth decade of this century.”
  • Hoped for Outcome: Sense of the Meeting that it is rightly ordered for WMM to be signatories to the petition

 Worship and Ministry -- nothing for October’s Business Meeting

Other Announcements if there is time.

Closing Worship


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