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Meeting for business minutes for September 2014 posted

by Taun P Chapman last modified Oct 27, 2014 03:00 PM
Meeting for business minutes for September 2014 posted

Carillon Bells

The pdf of the full minutes can be found here.

Some items excerpted from the minutes are:

Update on Charley Brown III Memorial Service.

Peter Lane will clerk. Other details of the service were discussed. Kevin Gallagher and Isabel Harrison will serve as greeters at the Meeting House doors. There will be a reception afterwards in the Boys' Collection Room in the Main Building. There will be a Guest book to sign. 

Marc Dear's grandmother,

a long time resident of Chester county, died in April; her ashes are to be brought back to Chester County. Marc requests an Oct 25th, 2014 memorial service in the manner of Friends under the care of this Meeting, and Friends approve. 

Issues around coffee sign up.

Too few people have helped over the summer. Nevertheless offering this hospitality is very important to us. Discussion on a way forward:

  • We need someone to be a point person on this issue.
  • Should we enter names of local members, as we have in the past, to spread out the weight of responsibility? It worked in past years. We need someone to call such people; we should ask Barb Marchese if she will continue in that capacity.
  • People can sign up now, and others can be filled in by a small working group.
  • Elson has agreed to update the Signup Genius website. Susan Waterhouse will enter some Quaker Leadership Program dates on the signup calendar.
  • Nancy Bernhardt will be asked to be a part of the work on this.
  • Message from Oak Lane Day Care re. use of refrigerator. Health Department requires that adult and children's food must be separated, and all food must be labeled. Day Care lunches must be labeled, and Meeting items must be labeled and placed separately in the refrigerator. We also must try to take as many Meeting items home as is possible at the end of each hospitality hour.
  • We will try to be conscientious about this. Shelagh will provide a sharpie for labeling, and will share photos of Meeting Coffee setup with the day care so they can set up for us, as we agree to do for them after coffee. 

Peace and Social Concerns.

This Committe has planned a three­ pronged approach to the coming year in its ongoing work: 

  • Paula Kline then asked for a shared reading of a statement titled "Facing the Challenge of Climate Change." A pdf version of this statement is inluded below at the end of these minutes. After the reading, she asked the Meeting to join her in a period of worship in which Friends consider if they can support the statement as a monthly meeting. After a time of silent prayer and sharing by a few Friends in support of the statement, there was broad approval of the statement in a shared concern that we need to be stewards of the earth, and expression of our shared gratefulness to Paula for her work. 

Pastoral Care Report on the meeting of 8/3.

A co-­clerk is needed for this committee, to work with Co­clerk Laurie Worth, because Kevin Gallagher has agreed to serve as recording clerk. 

Report of Worship and Ministry Committee.

Ginny Sutton reports that the committee will continue to organize visitations to Anne Wood, Jesse Boyd and our Kendal folks. If there are others of our Meeting who the would benefit from such visits, to let the committee know.

There is much more so please see the full minutes for additional important meeting information.