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Worship and Ministry Committee

by Taun P Chapman last modified Nov 01, 2017 05:31 PM
The Committee's primary purpose is to support, nurture, and enhance the overall spiritual life of the Meeting through formal and informal discussions both in and out of committee meetings and through silent and verbal ministry in the Meeting for Worship. The Committee meets monthly and gathers twice a year with Pastoral Care & Concerns for a combined meeting. The Committee also meets with Westtown School's Student Religious Life Committee.

To attain their goals:

  1. They gather regularly to worship in order to deepen their (and our) individual and corporate spiritual lives.
  2. They engage in outward discussions for greater clarity on specific topics connected with the nature of worship.
  3. They consciously commit themselves annually to the work of the Committee.
  4. They uphold the life of the Meeting for Worship by supporting ministers of all ages, encouraging them.
  5. They openly discuss concerns and difficulties that arise from the experience of Meeting for Worship as a praying community composed of Westtown School faculty and students and Westtown Monthly Meeting members and attendees.
  6. They believe on faith that something good can come from even negative moments experienced in a Meeting for Worship held with a religiously diverse student body.
  7. They encourage open dialogue about Meeting for Worship with adults and students.
  8. They sponsor adult education forums to help the spiritual lives of members and attendees.
  9. They help explore the various steps in spiritual discipline, and identify kinds of spiritual behavior within our individual and corporate journeys.
  10. They help define spiritual issues for further explorations through worship sharing sessions, retreats, and other appropriate forums.
  11. Mindful of that place where "words come from," they remain conscious of the important role that the Committee must play in feeding the roots for the overall spiritual mission of the Monthly Meeting.


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